A Photo Reactor

ERC Advanced Grant

2014 - 2019


AAchievements and Output

1. The photo reactor

2. Unique defect engineered "Grey TiO2"

- Noble metal free photocatalysis

3. Optimized nanotube and tube cavity for :

- Solid-state dewetting (single particle in tube)

- Advanced photocatalysis

- Advanced tube morphologies

- Highly ordered anti-reflective surfaces

- Solar cells

- Energy storage

- Memristive device

4. Publication output (207 papers 10712 citations)

5. People (professors "made" by the project)

Dr. Marco Altomare, Post-Doc and Coordinator (now Prof. at University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Dr. Manuela Killian, PhD student and Post-Doc (now Prof. at University of Siegen, Germany)
Dr. Ning Liu, Post-Doc (now Prof. at Dalian University of Technology, China)
Dr. Xuemei Zhou, PhD student and Post-Doc (now Prof. at Sichuan University, China)
Dr. Lei Wang, Post-Doc (now Prof. at Inner Mongolia University, China)
Dr. Kiyoung Lee, PhD student and Post-Doc (now Prof. at Kyungpook National University, South Korea)

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6. Collaboration

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